6 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Performance Using Social Media

Are you looking to boost your E-Commerce performance? Check out what Social Media Marketing can do for you and how to get started.

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Having your business is half the battle in this modern world. There is no point in using any of the traditional methods of marketing and advertisement anymore. These have evolved and moved on. More so if you are operating on a larger or international scale. As the world has upgraded in almost every way, so must your means of communication if you aim to keep up with the pace. Social Media play a pivotal role in any company’s success or failure, as they can be the driving factor behind demand, and by extension, profit. Using them to your advantage, while abiding by specific rules on each of them, is not as daunting as it may seem. This resource is often neglected or left untapped in many companies, which is a real shame as it can be a powerful tool that can help improve your operation and revenue. All it takes to start is the right attitude and that first step.

1.  Customer and User Content

It’s always nice when someone else does the job for you. In this case, all you have to do is to reach out to your users for honest feedback. One example would be if a user post or makes a useful article and an in-depth look at your product/service. In that case, don’t let it just fly by but reach out personally and shine some spotlight on the said user. People don’t forget acts of kindness and recognition. And while this is all fine and dandy once there are users out there making content, one question would be on how to make them start doing that? Incentives of all kinds can go a long way. A competition on where users can show off your product in some quirky or unusual way, with photos and videos, is highly valued by all those behind-the-scenes algorithms.

2. Hashtags

Driving user engagement is an uphill battle at the start, but it gets easier as it cascades onwards. Hashtags are ideal, as they can help your content get grouped, easily identified and spread easily around the net. Using the “#” symbol and then something caught, which rimes or makes the most sense about your product is the baseline. From there, you can watch it grow and spread around, driving content up alongside engagement. They only need a slight boost for you to receive all that great free publicity. As more and more users want to utilize that hashtag so that they can gain attention as well.

3. SEO 

What you are doing is what millions are trying as well. To get noticed and heard. When so many people are making noise and competing in a cutthroat race it can be challenging to stand out. One of the things you may have heard is that “If it isn’t on the first page of Google, then it doesn’t exist” argument and fact. This is a great thing to have in mind as a good SEO (search engine optimization) puts you ahead of the curve and on that hot first page. Think of SEO as using the system to your advantage. Online media and search engine parameters, algorithms and wizardry are the forte of many SEO in Sydney that can do wonders for your company when it comes to this. SEO is a valuable asset for any company as it can be the glue that binds it all together. Google loves interconnected links, articles and items, and with the right optimization, you can make your whole package very enticing for him. 

4. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and so on

There are so many of them out there and, there is no counterargument to that. While it may sound good on paper to cover all ground, in reality, it’s the opposite. There is a reason why there is so many of them. Each and every one of them covers various customer needs and specific niches. Every one of them has its own specific, language, structure and quirks, so mastering them all is a futile attempt. Facebook advertising is completely different from Reddit and, your company may be the best seating in just one of them. There is no shame or fallacy to doing your research and just sticking to one and mastering it. Becoming a well seated and recognized entity on one of them is a huge success and, it helps establish your brand. If you are positioned correctly, you will become more easily recognized by your consumer base and, it’s practical to build from that one. One size does not fit all and, think of picking the right platform as picking a perfect tailor-made suit for your connective ecommerce strategy.

5. Blogging

What better ways to make content and tell a story about your product/service/company than via blogging? Here you are in full control as you are creating the narrative to your liking. Every post can be aimed at one specific topic that you chose. Every blog post you make can have its purpose that you control from start to finish. Your users can subscribe to your blog, and thus you can gain valuable information from that and, as your stories get shared, engagement goes up. Google loves content, always remember that when starting your blog or anything similar.

6. Discounts drive

Everyone loves a sale. Sales are a quick and easy way to generate buzz and drive engagement. As the news spread about your upcoming or ongoing sale activity your engagement and revenue follow. It’s worth pointing out that frequent sales are not recommended. Think of sales as a boosted opportunity, once or twice a year. A sale every month drives the image of your company down as it cheapens the product. What you are aiming for here, is to show that you care about your users and you wish to help them out at specific times by lowering the price. In this aspect, it’s worth noting that you are current and existing customer/user base and do not ignore them in your campaigns. Continuous care about them and maybe offering them better deals and prices are what reminds them why they chose you in the first place. After all, they are also responsible for why you are here now and, no company has the luxury of ignoring them.

We understand if all of this seems daunting at first, but it gets easier as you go and start working on it. The same applies to your social media activities. Many start and get discouraged when they do as they don’t get the results they expected. Any beginning is a slow one as this is a marathon, not a race. This marathon is an uphill battle as you push that engagement and drive your customers towards you. 

Once you peak and get that momentum, it becomes a Perpetuum mobile and, the media machine starts to work for itself. From customers to influencers, and other collaborators, there will be no shortage of means which will help you out to stay on top. The most important to notice here is persistence. Persistency trump’s chance, so just keep on posting, creating content and engaging. Day by day, post by post and your online presence will evolve to the point you can be proud of.


How can social media improve eCommerce performance?
Social media can drive traffic to eCommerce sites, enhance brand awareness, foster customer engagement, and directly boost sales through social shopping features.

What strategies are effective for promoting eCommerce products on social media?
Effective strategies include creating shareable content, leveraging influencers, running targeted ads, showcasing products in use, and engaging regularly with the audience.

How can social media ads increase eCommerce sales?
Social media ads can target specific audience segments with personalized offers and direct links to product pages, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions.

What role do influencers play in enhancing eCommerce performance on social media?
Influencers can significantly boost eCommerce performance by promoting products to their followers, adding credibility and expanding the product’s reach.

Can social media analytics aid in improving eCommerce strategies?
Yes, analytics provide insights into customer preferences, behavior, and engagement, helping to refine marketing strategies and product offerings.

How important is customer engagement on social media for eCommerce businesses?
Customer engagement is crucial for building brand loyalty, receiving feedback, and creating a sense of community, all of which can positively impact eCommerce performance.

What is the impact of user-generated content on eCommerce and social media?
User-generated content, like customer reviews and photos, builds authenticity and trust, encouraging more users to make purchases.

How can eCommerce sites integrate social media for a better customer experience?
Integrating social media can include featuring social reviews on product pages, enabling social login for easier access, and using social media for customer support.

What are the benefits of using shoppable posts in social media for eCommerce?
Shoppable posts allow users to make purchases directly from social media platforms, simplifying the buying process and reducing the steps to conversion.

How can eCommerce businesses measure the ROI of their social media efforts?
ROI can be measured by tracking metrics like referral traffic to the website, conversion rates from social media, customer acquisition costs, and overall engagement rates.

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