Top Social Media Tool To Elevate The Customer Relationship in 2024

Social Media Platforms have evolved over the last couple of years. Make good use of tools and improve your customer relationship.

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Social platforms have become the primary business happening platforms that help brands to maximize their social sales. All sorts of businesses largely depend on the social applications that help them drive their growth at ease. So, every kind of business is prompted to depend on these platforms as they could find a large share of their customers only here. Researchers have stated that globally renowned brands will have nearly 70% of their total sales through social sales by the end of 2023. People are also used to making a purchase in these social applications. Thus, social applications have turned into e-commerce search engine platforms. You have to consider various factors to achieve excellence in these social applications. One among them is the third-party tools that we hire to maximize your social sales.

Make Chatbots As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing 

Chatbots have garnered an indispensable role in social media marketing. Today, rather than all the promotions you carry out on social platforms, the interaction with a prospect plays a significant factor in turning him into your customer. Chatbots can be utilized as a conversational tool that helps in converting a prospect into a customer. Marketers have stated that chatbots have the potential of solving nearly 70% of basic customer queries. H&M, one of the renowned apparel brands, has stated that they have witnessed an increase in their social sales after integrating their social chatbots to Messenger. Trollishly is capable of driving any number of prospects to you in a short time. Here we bring out some of the social bots that will help you in creating an efficient chatbot.

Chatbot Builder From Hubspot

The Chatbot builder from Hubspot is one that provides dynamic chatbots to its clients. This chatbot serves multiple purposes in social media marketing. You can carry out various purposes from lead generation to analytics till making a conversation with a customer through the chatbot from Hubspot. In the present scenario, you can curtail your tasks by employing this chatbot.


Chatfuel is known for its intuitive characteristic of responding to customers instantly. The conversation of this chatbot will be more human-like and the person from the other end feels that he is conversing with a real human. Thus, this chatbot is more cost-effective and there is less need for hiring a customer representative. Moreover, the chatbot will do in-depth research into the interaction it had with the prospect and gives details about the people who could turn into your customer. So, the chatbot itself does the job of an analyst and makes accurate predictions about a prospect. Hence, based on the report it provides, you can directly reach out to a prospect. Chatfuel does the job of assessing a prospect effectively and plays a huge role in maximizing your social sales. Chatfuel is a massive hit among social media marketers as it makes accurate predictions about customers.

According to a recent survey from a leading social media marketing journal, nearly 80% of leading brands will have social chatbots. So, consider employing a chatbot that will help you largely in maximizing your growth effortlessly. Integrating chatbots into social messaging platforms is also an ideal move helping you to maximize your reach.

Lead Generation Tools 

Finding leads has become an arduous task today as all the top brands, medium-level businesses, and start-ups are actively present on social platforms to find leads and drive their sales. So, social platforms have become a more competitive place than ever before. The tools we have listed below will help you in generating leads for your business effortlessly. Once you can find a potential lead generation bot for your business, your social sales are half-achieved. Just have a look at the potential lead-generation tools.


Audiense is a tool that is known for its social intelligence. It is capable of molding it according to your expectations and capable of driving leads from any part of the world. Based on the inputs you give, it will carry out in-depth research and drive people to you effortlessly. The tool will determine whether a person can turn into your customer based on various factors such as his purchasing pattern, social media activity, interaction on social platforms, etc. So, you can go with this tool without any second thought since it easily generates leads for you. Hence, going with this tool of Audiense can maximize your social sales effortlessly and quickly. LI Prospect Finder is a popular tool that offers a range of features for email marketing and lead generation. LI Prospect Finder is a feature that helps users find emails from LinkedIn profiles or information based on their specified criteria. It helps you locate contact information for potential leads or business contacts. 

The ability to find and verify email addresses, as well as send personalized campaigns and track their performance, can help optimize email marketing strategies and improve conversion rates. Using this tool, you can automatically send found email addresses from Linkedin for verification and subsequent drip campaign.

  • LI Prospect Finder can be used on free and premium LI accounts.
  • LI Prospect Finder suggests 150 searches for free when you sign up and a credit card isn’t required.


AgoraPulse is one of the popular tools among marketers that can drive leads on any social platform. The tool works efficiently around nearly 20 social platforms, including the leading social applications such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Thus, you can use this tool to generate a lead on any social platform using this tool. It provides a separate dashboard for every social platform to avoid any confusion giving a detailed report about the leads it generated and their characteristics.


If you want to get more leads, you can host a webinar. Invite industry leaders to your webinar, chat about topics your target audiences care about, expand your audience, and attract more leads.

Edit / Design Tools

Today all the leading social applications have become image and video-centric. Instagram, which is the most preferred social platform for B2C, is a picture-dominant platform where people get a wide range of images. So, images act as a tool to make a customer sustain your brand and drive your growth. Instagram itself provides a wide range of filters to help brands connect with their target audience effortlessly. Here we show you some of the image-edit tools that could help you to create enchanting images.


Picsart is the most preferred tool to create eye-catchy images. It has a wide range of exclusive image filters that amplify the pictures you upload on your social applications. The color tone you use in your image plays the primary role in conveying the feeling you are willing to transfer to the viewer. The application has a vast number of color combinations for every mood. You can pick the one that exactly matches the tone of your social media images. The app offers a one-month free trial to use its exclusive color combinations. If you are satisfied with the color tone and filters provided by this application, you can subscribe to it by spending a meager amount.


Canva is a widely recommended image-edit application. It has multiple color tones that help you in creating images that could easily glue with people. The application is known for the professional look it provides to the pictures due to which it is widely used in B2B businesses. The user-friendly application has many notable features, such as various font formats and adjusting the image size instantly in accordance with your requirements.

Bottom Line

The tools you use in your social media strategy play a vital role in maximizing your sales on social platforms. Many tools are available that could help you in carving an effective strategy. Apart from the tools suggested by us, there are a handful of tools that could maximize your product reach on social platforms. Explore them and take advantage of them.


What Role Does Social Media Play in Customer Relationship Management?

Social media plays a significant role in customer relationship management (CRM) by providing a platform for communication, engagement, and customer interaction.

How Can Businesses Use Social Media to Build Stronger Customer Relationships?

Businesses can use social media to build stronger customer relationships by actively engaging with customers, responding to inquiries, and providing valuable content and support.

What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media for Customer Relationship Management?

Benefits include improved customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, real-time feedback, enhanced brand visibility, and the ability to reach a wider audience.

What Types of Content Can Help Improve Customer Relationships on Social Media?

Content such as informative blog posts, videos, tutorials, customer testimonials, and interactive polls or surveys can help foster better customer relationships on social media.

How Should Businesses Handle Negative Feedback or Complaints on Social Media?

Handling negative feedback involves addressing concerns promptly, empathizing with customers, resolving issues professionally, and taking the conversation offline if necessary.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Most Effective for Customer Relationship Management?

The choice of social media platforms depends on the target audience. Popular platforms for CRM include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and customer review sites.

What Is Social Listening, and How Can It Benefit CRM?

Social listening involves monitoring social media conversations to understand customer sentiment, identify trends, and proactively respond to customer needs, contributing to better CRM.

How Can Automation Tools Enhance Customer Relationship Management on Social Media?

Automation tools can schedule posts, track mentions, send automated responses, and analyze data to streamline CRM efforts and ensure timely customer engagement.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Customer Relationship Management?

Common mistakes include ignoring customer inquiries, using generic responses, overposting promotional content, and not addressing negative feedback effectively.

How Can Businesses Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media in CRM?

Effectiveness can be measured through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rates, customer satisfaction scores, response times, and conversion rates.

How Can Social Media Help Businesses Personalize Customer Interactions?

Social media allows businesses to gather data about customer preferences, enabling personalized interactions through tailored content and messaging.

What Is Social CRM, and How Does It Differ from Traditional CRM?

Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) incorporates social media interactions and data into traditional CRM systems, providing a more holistic view of customer relationships.

Can Social Media Be Used for Lead Generation and Nurturing Customer Relationships?

Yes, social media is effective for lead generation by creating targeted content and nurturing relationships with potential customers through engagement and communication.

What Are the Risks of Not Managing Customer Relationships on Social Media?

Risks include negative public feedback, missed business opportunities, loss of customer trust, and the inability to address customer issues effectively.

How Can Businesses Handle Data Privacy and Security Concerns in Social CRM?

Businesses should implement data protection measures, secure customer data, and adhere to data privacy regulations such as GDPR to address privacy and security concerns.

What Are the Ethical Considerations in Using Social Media for CRM?

Ethical considerations include transparency in data collection, respecting customer consent, and ensuring that customer data is used responsibly and for their benefit.

How Can Businesses Use Social Media for Customer Retention Strategies?

Social media can be used for customer retention by offering loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and engaging content that keeps existing customers connected and satisfied.

What Is the Role of Employee Training in Effective Social Media CRM?

Employee training is essential to ensure that staff members are proficient in using social media tools, understanding brand guidelines, and providing excellent customer service.

How Can Social Media Analytics Help Improve Customer Relationship Management?

Social media analytics can provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and sentiment, enabling businesses to refine their CRM strategies and better serve customers.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Strong Customer Relationships Built Through Social Media?

Long-term benefits include increased customer lifetime value, brand advocacy, positive word-of-mouth, and a more resilient and loyal customer base.

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