How to Promote Your Webinar on Social Media in 2024

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Webinars are increasingly becoming a way for most brands to market their products or services to target customers. To drive results with your webinars, you need the best promotion strategy to effectively reach target customers and get them to engage with your webinars. 

This guide will give you insights into the best strategies you can use to promote your webinars and increase engagement as you nurture leads for your business.


1. Have a clear CTA

Have a clear CTA to promote your Webinar

You need a CTA that will capture the audience’s attention and get them to take action. Once they view your promotion videos and emails, you can direct them and show them how to register for your upcoming webinar. Here is an example of a great CTA for a mailjet email academy webinar to help grow email list subscribers.

Have a clear CTA to promote your Webinar example

Source: LinkedIn

The CTAs should lead the target audience to your webinar registration page. If it takes them to your general website page or homepage the chances of them registering are low. 

2. Have an attractive and easy-to-sign landing page

People hate a long and complicated process to get what they want; the same applies to signing in for a webinar event. Make it easy for the attendees to sign in by using a simple landing page that doesn’t ask much of the target audience information. 

You can also make it easy for interested people to share it on social media with their friends to invite them to the webinar. To motivate and appreciate the attendees, you can have a thank you page where your registrants can draw others to register. It is essential to have this information on your webinar landing page.

  • List your guest speakers and their background
  • The webinar topics and sub-topics you will host
  • What your attendees will get out of the webinars
  • The date and time for the webinar

All this information drives the registrant’s curiosity to register and engage in the webinar session.

3. Ask speakers to help promote the webinar to their followers

Your webinar speakers have their following in the market as they are thought leaders and experts in the webinar topic of your market. You can leverage their influence and reach more target customers for your webinar promotion. 

You can also ask them to send the webinar registration page links to their email subscribers. They can also share the webinar registration page on their social media accounts. 

4. Use a teaser video

The target audience engages more with video content and other visual images. So, you can create short videos on your social media with a captivating message related to the target audience’s pains. This will tease them and attract them to want to know more about the value that you’re offering in your webinars. 

You can send these videos to all your email subscribers. Share these teaser videos on your social media profiles. Don’t forget to include a link to your registration page and ask your subscribers to share the videos with their friends. Here is an example of a visual for Gift Club when they were promoting their webinar on Linkedin.

Use a teaser video to promote your Webinar example

Source: LinkedIn

5. Use influencers to promote the webinars

People trust those with influence in the market niche. You can collaborate with influencers in your market niche to help promote your webinars. Since they have many followers, it will be easy to put your webinars in front of many potential prospects you can listen to and engage with them to know more about your brand.

6. Run paid ads on social media

Ads are a great way to capture the attention of the target audience and drive them to your brand. Have a short captivating message on your ads that addresses target audience pains. Run the ads on different social media platforms to reach more target audiences who will sign up for your webinar. 

Track the ad’s engagement and trends so you how you can modify them to suit what your readers want to increase their engagement to the webinars. You must also run your ads on all social media sites to increase webinar registration.

7. Promote webinars at the right time

You want to ensure that prospects see your webinar promotion page and take action, it is essential to post the content at the right time when your target audiences are active on social media. Research shows that 73% of B2B brands get high-quality leads with their webinar sessions.

Promote webinars at the right time

Source: Thrivemyway

This is greatly influenced by promoting at the right day, time, and in advance before the webinar day.

Many prospects register for webinars in the morning hours or early afternoon time, so having the promotion messages sent to prospects at the right time will increase the chance of getting more registrants for the webinar. The best times to promote the webinar are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

8. Optimize your social media profiles

You can pin your webinar event on top of your company profile. The sales team can do the same to share the webinar registration page with their network. Also, create relevant posts on your social media profiles to engage and capture your reader’s attention. 

You can also create blog posts about your upcoming webinar events to alert website readers who visit your website

Make your blog detailed and include key points and benefits your readers will get from your webinar event. You can also include relevant keywords and hashtags for the promoting content you post to make it easy for readers to find, engage and sign up.

9. Give free incentives

Incentives motivate the target audiences to register for the webinars as they can see the value they will get from the incentives. Here is an example of such an incentive.

Promote webinars Give free incentives

Source: LinkedIn

You can give away gifts like ebooks and case studies. Since your target audience would want the benefits of the free incentives, they will be happy to share and help promote your webinars to other people.

Since you know your target audience and their pain points, give them incentives that align with their goals and help them solve them.

10. Promote the webinar early

You can promote the webinar event 2-3 weeks before. That time gap will give interested people time to register for the webinar. You can use a downtown calendar to invoke a sense of urgency for attendees to register as they can see the time running out for the registration.

Wrapping up

Webinar preparation and promotion are essential for great business results. Using the best promotion strategies will bring the right target audience to register for your webinars and help you reach more potential customers who can convert and start using your business needs. 

If you’re preparing to run a webinar and didn’t have the right tactics to promote it, use these above tips to spread the word and attract more people to your webinars.

Author Bio

James Nguma James Nguma is B2B SaaS and eCommerce content marketer and blogger. He helps SaaS and eCommerce businesses create marketing content to drive traffic, educate them about their businesses, build trust, and convert leads into customers. Connect with him on LinkedIn or his website


How Can You Effectively Promote a Webinar on Social Media?

Promote a webinar by creating engaging posts, using eye-catching visuals, sharing teaser videos, and regularly updating your audience about the event on various social media platforms.

What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Promoting Webinars?

The best platforms depend on your target audience, but typically include LinkedIn for professional webinars, Facebook and Instagram for broader audiences, and Twitter for quick, timely updates.

How Early Should You Start Promoting a Webinar on Social Media?

Start promoting your webinar at least 2-3 weeks in advance, allowing sufficient time to build interest and remind your audience as the event date approaches.

What Role Do Hashtags Play in Promoting Webinars on Social Media?

Hashtags can increase the visibility of your posts to a wider audience, especially those who are interested in the specific topics covered in your webinar.

How Can You Leverage Influencers or Guest Speakers to Promote the Webinar?

Leverage influencers or guest speakers by having them share the event with their followers, which can broaden your reach and add credibility to your webinar.

What Types of Content Work Best for Webinar Promotion on Social Media?

Effective content types include short promotional videos, infographics, speaker interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interactive posts like polls or Q&As.

How Can Paid Social Media Advertising Enhance Webinar Promotion?

Paid advertising can target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring that your webinar promotion reaches the most relevant audience.

What Is the Importance of a Consistent Posting Schedule in Webinar Promotion?

A consistent posting schedule keeps your audience engaged, builds anticipation, and ensures that your webinar stays top of mind as the event date approaches.

Can Social Media Contests and Giveaways Boost Webinar Registrations?

Contests and giveaways can incentivize your audience to register for the webinar, especially if the rewards are relevant and valuable to your target audience.

How Should You Engage with Your Audience on Social Media Pre- and Post-Webinar?

Engage with your audience by answering questions, responding to comments, and soliciting feedback pre- and post-webinar, helping to build a community around your content and increase loyalty.

How Can Creating a Dedicated Event Page on Social Media Benefit Webinar Promotion?

A dedicated event page allows for centralized information, RSVPs, and updates, making it easier for interested attendees to find all the details and engage with your webinar content.

What Are Effective Ways to Use Visual Content in Promoting Webinars on Social Media?

Utilize eye-catching graphics, branded images, teaser videos, and speaker headshots to attract attention, convey key information, and encourage shares and engagement.

How Can You Measure the Success of Your Social Media Webinar Promotion?

Measure success by tracking metrics such as engagement rates, clicks on promotional posts, conversion rates of post viewers to webinar registrants, and the overall reach of your campaign.

What Role Does Storytelling Play in Webinar Promotion on Social Media?

Storytelling can create a narrative around your webinar, making it more relatable and engaging, and encouraging your audience to participate and share the event.

How Important Is Consistent Branding Across Your Webinar and Social Media Channels?

Consistent branding helps in creating a seamless experience for your audience, reinforcing brand recognition and the professional quality of your webinar.

Can Cross-Promotion with Partners or Affiliates Enhance Webinar Visibility on Social Media?

Cross-promotion with partners or affiliates can significantly expand your reach, tapping into their audiences and leveraging shared credibility to promote your webinar.

How Can Direct Messaging on Social Media Be Used for Webinar Promotion?

Direct messaging can be used to personally invite individuals or specific segments of your audience, offering a more personalized touch to your promotional efforts.

What Are the Best Practices for Using Live Features on Social Media for Webinar Promotion?

Using live features, such as Facebook Live or Instagram Stories, can boost engagement, allow for real-time interaction, and build excitement for the upcoming webinar.

How Can User-Generated Content Be Leveraged for Promoting Webinars?

Encourage your audience to share their expectations or questions about the webinar, and use their content for promotion, which adds authenticity and encourages more user engagement.

What Strategies Can Be Used to Keep the Audience Engaged After the Webinar Has Ended?

After the webinar, continue engaging with your audience by sharing highlights, offering additional resources, answering follow-up questions, and providing information about upcoming webinars.

How Effective Are Countdown Posts on Social Media for Webinar Promotion?

Countdown posts can build anticipation and serve as regular reminders for your followers, keeping the webinar date top of mind.

Can Sharing Speaker Bios and Backgrounds Enhance Webinar Promotion?

Yes, highlighting speaker expertise and backgrounds can pique interest, add credibility, and encourage attendance by showcasing the value and quality of the content.

What’s the Benefit of Hosting a Q&A Session on Social Media Before the Webinar?

A pre-webinar Q&A session can engage potential attendees, address their queries, and provide a sneak peek into the webinar content, boosting registrations.

How Can Repurposing Webinar Content on Social Media Aid in Promotion?

Repurposing content, like snippets or key takeaways from previous webinars, can demonstrate the value of your content and encourage sign-ups for future events.

What Strategies Work Best for Last-Minute Promotions of a Webinar on Social Media?

For last-minute promotions, focus on urgency-driven messaging, highlight what attendees will miss out on, and consider paid ads for a broader reach.

How Important Are Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons in Social Media Posts for Webinars?

CTA buttons are crucial as they guide users on what to do next, whether it’s registering for the webinar, visiting a landing page, or learning more about the topic.

Can Teaser Videos Be Used Effectively on Social Media for Webinar Promotion?

Teaser videos are effective as they can quickly grab attention, provide a preview of the webinar content, and are more likely to be shared, increasing reach.

What Is the Role of Post-Webinar Engagement on Social Media?

Post-webinar engagement, like sharing recordings, asking for feedback, and continuing the conversation, can maintain interest and nurture relationships for future webinars.

How Can Polls and Surveys on Social Media Enhance Webinar Promotion?

Polls and surveys can engage your audience, gather insights about their interests or preferences, and help tailor your webinar content to meet their needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sponsored Ads on Social Media for Webinar Promotion?

Sponsored ads can extend your reach beyond your existing followers, target specific demographics, and increase registrations by reaching a larger, more relevant audience.

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