Why Working With a Professional Mailing Service Has Many Benefits

Small businesses make up a significant part of the economy of the United States. The retail sales coming from these companies totaled $231.4 billion in 2022 alone. It only shows the massive economic impact when small entrepreneurs are suddenly forced to close down due to different crises like the pandemic. 

But, because of the internet, many businesses went online and immediately made working relationships with different shipping companies. The United States Postal Service (USPS) became a company of choice for many businesses for their delivery and logistics

There are many questions, like how can a professional mail service benefit online businesses? What are the benefits of post offices in eCommerce, and how can they help businesses thrive?

This article enumerates the benefits of using postal service in online businesses and its role in digital marketing. This write-up also gives insights into how post offices can help businesses move forward and survive. 

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How Can the Post Office Help Online Businesses?

The post office is one of the easy-to-access delivery services in the United States. Many small businesses have turned to the postal service to continue during the pandemic and relied heavily on their delivery options. They have successfully kept afloat despite the effects of lockdowns. 

The effect of the postal service on small businesses during the pandemic is an example of how essential delivery companies are to online companies. 

  • The postal service provided affordable delivery services for small businesses and eCommerce sites even during the pandemic. Though companies like UPS and FedEx provide delivery services, USPS is by far the cheapest and the most affordable for many. 
  • The postal service provided a safe and secure delivery option for small businesses to their clients despite the restrictions. Many means of transportation shut down during the pandemic. Still, because the postal service continued to function, it was one of the ways to deliver orders and products to customers.
  • The postal service became a logistic option for supplies for many small businesses and eCommerce sites. Because of lockdowns, delivery services are the only means to get supplies for many businesses. Many entrepreneurs opted to secure delivery services from USPS because of its affordable prices. 

Now that the pandemic is easing and businesses are slowly returning to normal, many still rely on delivery services to continue the success they experienced during those trying times. 

The Perks of Working With the Postal Service

Aside from the benefits the postal service gave small businesses during the pandemic, what are other perks that make delivery services essential?

  • Postal service makes businesses productive: Small businesses usually have limited staff or just enough to handle all of the necessary transactions of the company. If your employees handle the delivery, it can hamper production and cause delays. 

You can delegate all your deliveries to people with experience and expertise in handling packages through the postal service.

  • Provides a professional look for your business: Customers will trust you more if you ensure the packages they’ve ordered are delivered safely and securely every time. The postal service gives an air of professionalism to every package delivered. 
  • Help in customer retention and loyalty: Customers want people they can trust that will provide them with the best service they can purchase. The postal service’s reputation helps retain customers, especially for online businesses. Customer orders can be shipped directly to their work or home addresses without hassle. 
  • Enjoy a more affordable delivery cost compared to other shipping companies: The United States Postal Service is a business regulated by the government. It doesn’t operate for profit, thus making its services cheaper than other companies. 
  • Take advantage of discounts for volume shipments: Here’s where the postal service shines with small eCommerce businesses. Suppose you’re shipping volume packages as an online retail shop. In that case, you can take advantage of discounts offered by the post office. You are eligible for volume discounts if you’re shipping 50,000 small packages a year. 
  • Take advantage of different mail-type services: The United States Postal Service has different types of mail for different packages. Examples of these are direct mail and media mail for electronic-related packages. Each mail type has its own perks and benefits. 
  • Benefit from the experience of a tenured company: The postal service has been serving the public since 1775. From there, it has evolved into what it is today. This delivery service has provided an affordable way to deliver packages worldwide, and many businesses thrive. 

Also, the USPS has different discounts, loyalty rewards, and offers that incentivize small businesses to choose this service over others. 

Working with the postal service ensures that all deliveries you do cost less. The money saved can further improve or develop your business to better serve customers.

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