Presenting New Website Ideas To Consumers Plays A Crucial Role In Success

How to win over new consumers by presenting them with your new website ideas ahead of time. Check out these tips by Barrack Diego and win over consumers.

If you want your web site to be a success and your web design efforts to be high yielding you will need to focus on the best ways that you should follow to present new ideas to the clients regarding web designs. This ideally has become a bit easier in 2019 especially with the introduction of the Mockup Page and other tools.

A Mockup Page is essentially a SaaS platform that will enable you just like any other New York City web design firm to explore quickly the new ideas and present them to your clients. Previously, when you met with any client discussing different ideas you needed the website to be open in the browser and scroll up and down the page while exploring the ideas. Later on, you had to document these ideas on a separate sheet to discuss with your team in the future.

Now you can change that process with the fact that:

  • When you open the webpage of your client you simultaneously open a new tab
  • At the same time login to the Mockup Page and
  • Enter the webpage URL in there.

This process will load the page in the browser window and will at the same time allow you to make the changes on the editable page right there. This means that you can modify the current page on the fly and side by side also make the changes on the editable copy.

This will not only make your job a lot easier but at the same time will ensure that your clients have a new level of engagement.

Be professional and confident

It goes without saying that when you present your clients with the new or redesigned website, you will need to be confident and professional at the same time. The main idea is to sell the website to your client along with your ideas. It is for this reason you will need to be composed when you present your ideas and the feedback.

Though there is no special formula to pitch yourself successfully, there are a few specific behavioral guidelines to follow apart from dressing like a pro:

  • Act like a moderator during the discussion phase ensuring that you lead the show. Also make sure that, you represent each part of your web design along with its direction most objectively. You must make it look like you are or were not the designer.
  • Emphasize on having an open discussion allowing your professional opinions supersede that of the others present in the discussion and talk more about your works and each direction of it corroborating each with a strong logic and reason as to why you think it to be the perfect approach.
  • Also, time and again ask your clients to know their opinions and be genuine and open to their suggestions, opinions and especially their concerns. You should not be persuasive about a particular design even though it is your favorite one you are most comfortable with it. Do not be married to your work but be a champion for your clients so that you can help them select their chosen design that they think will work for them the best.

Last but not least, be humble and do not ever berate your own work and do not anticipate rejection by undermining your own work. Yes, it is good to show but it is better to stand by.

The design phases

You will also need to focus on the different phases of your website design while creating a relatively standard site. This is where most of the web designers come up with the mock up pages to:

  • Present the ideas to their clients
  • For slicing or coding the design
  • To deal with the issues that may arise while designing and
  • Ask the community about how they actually present their web site design ideas to their clients.

You will need to go through these responses, filter and summarize them as well before presenting these to your clients.

There are lots of ways in which you can do this and every method has its own individual advantages and disadvantages. These are:

  • Discussing the problems: As most of your clients will be web-savvy individuals, it may be quite easy and simple to convey your message to your clients. Ideally, the mock-ups will be simply static images to show what a site will look like and therefore it may be really difficult for the web designers to convey the message more comprehensively to their clients.
  • Consider send a JPEG or PNG through email: This will significantly help you to explain things in a much better way. However, remember that most of the users will have small screen resolutions and therefore you must make sure that the pictures in the site do not shrink.

The best way to present your web design ideas to your clients is to use some sort of web-based application that suits your web design and purpose.

Meeting the challenge

There is one significant challenge that every web designer knows that will come up and they will have to handle it. This is the case with every great and hard-working web designer.

  • This is the knowledge about the design process as well as its different phases without which a designer cannot produce a complete, comprehensive or sustainable site design.
  • Secondly, if you want to deliver amazing results as a web designer you will need to know how exactly you should work with colors. You will need to know the psychology of your clients and put it behind it to show how it works best in the design.
  • Knowledge about the history of graphic is something that you should know as well so that you can relate to your design theory.

However, unfortunately, all the web designers do not possess such skills and therefore they cannot perform well in reality. It is this area that you should work on to acquire such skills and knowledge in order to present your web design to your client in the most convincing manner.

Author Bio:

This article was written by Barrack Diego.

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