Will Guest Blogging Still Work in 2024? [How to Start]

Are you looking to build a Strong Brand and Improve your SEO and wondering if Guest Blogging will still help? Check out our views below.

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Guest blogging has been a hot topic of debate amongst content creators for quite some time now. We have heard some conflicting opinions too. But let us give you a short answer first and then we can dive deep into this. The short answer is yes! Guest blogging has some inherent advantages that continue to be relevant.

In the context of this blog, we are talking about your blogs being posted on other websites that are not owned by you. It may be a paid or unpaid engagement and both have their benefits. Guest blogging for a reputed site that is a domain authority is surely going to hold you in good stead. It is not just the brand aspects that are important. Here’s why we think Guest blogging will still work in 2023.

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Why guest blogging will still work in 2023

Visibility is King 

No matter which year we are in, the overall visibility your brand has in the digital space is still the leading factor that separates the best from the rest. Our digital habits are only growing stronger and so are the numbers on search engines and social media. Given this, the greater visibility you have, the better your chances of leads coming your way.

Guest blogging on popular sites does just this. Your website and your content get more eyeballs. If you can produce great content and marketing collateral consistently across many such platforms, brand awareness goes up too. This again adds up to more web traffic through organic search and referrals.

Backlinks are still important

The minutiae might have changed but backlinks are still important when it comes to SEO optimization of your website. Your website builds more credibility when you have popular and credible sources refer to your website. The domain authority of the platforms where you host the content is of importance here.

Context and relevance are the two parameters that have assumed increased importance in SEO. Guest blogging is an ideal option for this. When your content provides value for the audience and also gives you valuable backlinks, it is not a deal you say no to.

Guest blogging seo works

Expertise and Credibility 

When your content is hosted by domain authority, it is your brand’s credibility that goes up. You can showcase your expertise to a select audience that is interested in consuming content similar to the ones you create. Thought leadership is a valuable currency that you have to deal with. What better way to showcase this than through a guest blog?

As you post more blogs on various websites on similar topics, the audience will automatically start noticing you. This is a great prompt for organic traffic and even potential customers may be tempted to check you out.

Widens your network

The blogs or sites that you are considering for guest blogging would certainly be a platform that has an audience of professionals in the same domain as yours. They may be potential customers, direct competition, experts in the domain, and possibly even potential partners. It is always good to stay on top of what is going on in the industry and these contacts help you understand that.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of falling in love with your ideas, especially if you are an up-and-coming business. These conversations help you get a better read on the market you are potentially selling to. Being able to showcase your views through content on these platforms is a great way to build your network in the community.

Now that we have discussed the reasons why it would still be an important part of the content marketer’s agenda, let us look at what are the things to keep in mind to get the best out of your guest blogging adventure

Guest blogging widens network

What to keep in mind when you are guest blogging

Choose the host platform wisely

A lot of the success of guest blogging depends on the site where you are hosting your blog. There are brand considerations to keep in mind. Always think if your guest blog is going to increase your credibility and visibility. It could very well be that the host platform is the beneficiary in some cases, especially if you are a known name in the domain.

As we discussed above, the value that backlinks depends on the credibility of the domain where it resides. Always try to do the most amount of blogging for a site with a wider reach and domain authority. One way to check this is to see the other authors who have hosted their blogs there.

The value you give is still the most important factor

Whatever content you create, the ultimate measure of success is how valuable it is to the audience. If this remains the key focus even when you are guest blogging, you are in a good place. Bringing your practitioner perspective and having the conviction in your beliefs will show in every content you write. Don’t let this quality drop because it’s a guest blog. Rather, pay more attention.

Apply the same rules as you would apply to your internal content. Conversion should be your key goal. Find a way to include keywords and other SEO requirements but also ensure that it is contextual and relevant. Add contextual CTAs that compel the audience to explore further.

Your blog is still important

Guest blogging allows you to showcase your content in front of a larger audience. It may sure get you web traffic and maybe even a few leads in the short term. The responsibility of making it work in the long term still rests on your content marketing efforts. It takes more than one touchpoint to finally convert a visitor.

Keeping this in mind, invest in creating a sustainable and efficient content marketing framework for your brand. This is going to be your best bet in the long term. Through a conversion-oriented approach, you can create long-term value. Guest blogging is a great tool to augment your efforts. It is not a substitute.


Guest blogging still retains its relevance in content marketing. The demand for content is only growing. Having an expansive digital presence is today the surest way to take your business to greater heights. Guest blogs help you here.

While we have spoken mostly about blogs, guest blogging could be viewed with a wider lens. You can also include other forms of content engagement like videos, courses, and being a guest speaker in podcasts all fall under the same category. Guest blogging is still relevant in 2023. And we can safely assume that this remains the story for a few years to come, at the very least.


What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the practice of writing and publishing a blog post on another person’s or company’s website. It’s a way to share expertise, build relationships, and reach a wider audience.

Why Is Guest Blogging Beneficial for Writers and Bloggers?

For writers and bloggers, guest blogging provides exposure to a new audience, enhances their credibility, drives traffic to their own sites, and offers networking opportunities with other industry professionals.

How Can Guest Blogging Benefit the Host Website?

The host website benefits from guest blogging by adding fresh content, offering new perspectives to their audience, and potentially increasing traffic and readership through the guest’s promotion.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Sites for Guest Blogging?

Consider the site’s relevance to your niche, the quality of content they publish, their audience size and engagement, and whether their audience aligns with your target readers.

How Do You Approach a Website for a Guest Blogging Opportunity?

Approach with a polite and professional email, offering a brief introduction, explaining why you’re interested in guest blogging, and proposing a few relevant topic ideas.

What Are the Best Practices for Writing a Guest Blog Post?

Best practices include understanding the host’s audience, providing high-quality and original content, incorporating a unique perspective, and adhering to the host’s guidelines and editorial standards.

How Can Guest Bloggers Effectively Promote Their Guest Posts?

Promote guest posts by sharing them on your social media platforms, including them in your newsletter, and engaging with comments on the post to foster a sense of community.

Should Guest Blog Posts Include Links?

Yes, include links where relevant. Typically, you can include a link to your own website in your author bio and sometimes within the content if it adds value and is in line with the host’s policies.

What Are the SEO Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging can offer SEO benefits by generating backlinks to your website, enhancing your online authority, and potentially improving search engine rankings.

How Can You Measure the Success of Your Guest Blogging Efforts?

Measure success by tracking metrics like the number of views and shares of your premium guest post, website traffic referred from the post, engagement (comments and social media interaction), and any increase in your own site’s domain authority.

What Topics Are Best Suited for Guest Blogging?

Choose topics that align with both your expertise and the host site’s audience interests. It’s crucial to offer valuable and relevant content that resonates with the readers.

How Important Is Networking in Guest Blogging?

Networking is crucial in guest blogging for building relationships with other bloggers and website owners, which can lead to more guest blogging opportunities and collaborations.

Can Guest Blogging Be Monetized?

While guest blogging is often unpaid, it can indirectly lead to monetization opportunities through increased exposure, credibility, and subsequent offers for paid writing gigs or partnerships.

How Do You Craft a Compelling Guest Blog Pitch?

A compelling pitch should be concise, personalized to the website owner, and include specific topic ideas with a brief outline that showcases your understanding of the audience and subject matter.

What’s the Significance of Following the Host’s Content Guidelines?

Adhering to the host’s content guidelines ensures your post meets their standards and increases the likelihood of it being accepted and appreciated by their audience.

How Can Guest Blogging Improve Writing Skills?

Guest blogging can improve writing skills by exposing you to different audiences and editorial standards, encouraging adaptability, and providing experience in various writing styles and topics.

Should You Respond to Comments on Your Guest Blog Posts?

Yes, responding to comments on your guest blog posts can enhance engagement, build connections with readers, and demonstrate your commitment to the community.

How Can You Ensure the Originality of Your Guest Blog Content?

Ensure originality by crafting unique perspectives on topics, avoiding plagiarism, and providing fresh insights or experiences that add value to the discussion.

What Are the Risks Associated with Guest Blogging?

Risks include associating with low-quality or spammy websites, which can harm your reputation and SEO, and potential misuse of your content by others.

Can Guest Blogging Be a Part of a Larger Content Strategy?

Yes, guest blogging should ideally be part of a larger content marketing strategy, where it complements other efforts like your own blog content, social media marketing, and SEO initiatives.

How Often Should You Engage in Guest Blogging?

The frequency of guest blogging depends on your goals and capacity. Regular guest posting can build your reputation and audience more quickly, but ensure you maintain quality in each post.

What’s the Best Way to Track the Impact of Your Guest Blogging?

Track the impact by monitoring referral traffic to your website, changes in your site’s domain authority, engagement on the guest post, and any increase in social media followers or email subscribers.

How Can Guest Blogging Expand Your Online Presence?

Guest blogging can expand your online presence by exposing you to new audiences, boosting your visibility in your industry, and establishing you as a thought leader.

What Are Some Common Mistakes in Guest Blogging to Avoid?

Common mistakes include not tailoring your content to the host site’s audience, neglecting to promote your guest post, ignoring SEO best practices, and failing to follow the host’s submission guidelines.

How Do You Find Guest Blogging Opportunities in Your Niche?

Find opportunities by researching popular blogs in your niche, networking with industry peers, using social media to discover guest posting openings, and directly reaching out to sites you’re interested in.

Can Guest Blogging Lead to Other Professional Opportunities?

Yes, successful guest blogging can lead to other opportunities like collaborations, speaking engagements, consultancy roles, or even job offers in your field.

Should You Repurpose Existing Content for Guest Blogging?

It’s better to create original content for guest blogging. However, you can repurpose existing ideas or topics if you present them from a fresh angle and ensure they are tailored to the new audience.

How Can Collaborative Guest Blogging Be Beneficial?

Collaborative guest blogging, such as co-authoring a post, can combine different perspectives and expertise, potentially reaching a broader audience and adding more value to readers.

What Is the Etiquette for Sharing Guest Blog Posts on Social Media?

When sharing guest posts, tag the host site or blog owner, use appropriate hashtags, and share it respectfully across your social networks to reach a wider audience.

How Can Guest Blogging Influence Your Personal Brand?

Guest blogging can significantly enhance your personal brand by showcasing your knowledge and expertise to a broader audience, helping to establish your authority and credibility in your field.

About the Author 

Robb FahrionRobb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. He is passionate about helping businesses grow using the power of the internet. Robb graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA and currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA. Robb enjoys writing about digital marketing, helping his clients turn their dreams into reality, and he is a HUGE Mike Trout fan.

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