5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Interactive Ads

Do you want to engage people with interactive ads? See how your brand can benefit from running interactive ads, people remember.

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Just when you thought you had advertising locked down, along comes something new. Keeping up with advertising trends can be tricky and, to be honest, often unnecessary – in many cases, today’s ‘latest thing’ is tomorrow’s Betamax tape. One trend that you do need to get a handle on is interactive advertising. Gone are the days when you would create your ad and send it out there to do its thing. These days, it’s all about engagement and interaction if you want to get ahead. At ultimate banners, we’ve tried it all – which puts us in the position of being able to imart our wisdom to newbies. If you’re new to interactive ads, we’ve put together the following guide to help you navigate this tricky area.

Start with awareness

Your objective, when it comes to your interactive ad is to create a buzz around your brand. How’s it done? By stuffing your interactive ad with content which makes it memorable and which pushes buttons relating to pain points. Quizzes and polls can be really effective – after all, everybody has an opinion and, most are only to keen to share it with others. By getting potential customers to answer a few short questions, they’re automatically engaging with your brand – and they’ll remember you next time.

Tell ‘em something they don’t know

Whether it’s a fun fact or an educational tip of value, giving customers a new piece of information – and then asking them to comment on it is a great way of first grabbing attention and then retaining it through engagement. Remember that there’s a whole mess of content swooping around the internet at any given time so make sure you’re not just repeating what’s already been said.

Assess and calculate

In-Ad assessments (quizzes) and calculators are hugely effective in retaining the attention of the customer. Having invested time in completing the assessment or calculation, the customer will remember your brand and, in many cases, be tempted to find out more.  Although these tend to involve a financial investment, they can be really effective in the long run – just make sure you do your sums beforehand to make sure that it’ll be worthwhile for your business.

Get social

One of the best places to target your interactive ad is on social media. Why? People who use social media are pre-programmed to click onto interesting content which turns up on their feed during their lunch break or morning commute. Take advantage of this by running your interactive ads on as many platforms as possible in order to reach, quite literally, millions of potential customers.

Get reacquainted

We’ve talked a lot about interactive ads as a means of attracting new customers, however, let’s not forget about those loyal existing ones.  By clever use of interactive ads targeted at existing customers, you can make those customers feel valued by asking their opinion – whilst reminding them of your brand and it’s benefits. Another advantage here is that your existing customers will be familiar with your brand – and so will be much more likely to interact with your ad.

Anything but a passing fad, interactive ads are proving to be the future for businesses looking to grab a bigger slice of the internet action.  As with any kind of ads, keep your content strong and your call to action stronger.

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By Ben of www.ultimatebanners.co author of the pull up banner template guide.

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