SEO for Branding: How to Increase Branded Traffic

Get people to search for your Brand! Learn how good SEO can help increase branded traffic to your website. Win the trust of your community and target group.

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For versed business owners, website visits and conversion rates are not just numbers on a page. They are wells of information about what their target audience wants and needs, where the brand in question successfully communicates, and where there are issues in the interaction between your site and the visitor. These numbers can help a marketer steer clear of the worst SEO practices for the business, and recognize the existing failings of their ongoing campaigns to make the future ones work more in favor of the brand.

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While mistakes are always a necessary part of that journey, recognizing the best road forward to bring your website more traffic is equally imperative. In light of recent global events and the growing health crisis, more companies need to take a look at how their brand scores in terms of traffic. There are various strategies you can employ, and here are a few you should add to your list that will help you garner more digital attention for your brand.

Create in-depth content on your site

SEO that brings your brand into focus is not only there to help you improve your ranking, although it’s one of your major goals nonetheless. It helps your organization stand out, which is a vital element to make a difference when you’re looking for investors, supporters, and followers. In any industry, both non-profit organizations and for-profit brands have to protect their reputation as their main source of relevance, and SEO can help only when your content is as good as your name.

For starters, focus on increasing blog traffic by utilizing, among many other effective strategies, branded keywords without being overly promotional about it. Naturally and moderately dispersing your name in positive contexts on your own blog, be it by analyzing a case study of a successful partnership or talking about a fundraising event you’ve hosted – it all means using your content to serve the brand, while avoiding branded keyword stuffing, of course.

Focus on ongoing local SEO

Improving your ability to reach your local audience is pivotal, and your general SEO strategy even with your branded keywords in mind is far from enough in this endeavor. If we take into account that 46% of all Google searches are local, your brand needs to have a clearly established presence in your community to truly make an impact. Local SEO means a dedicated strategy, specific KPIs, and above all, tracking and monitoring your local campaigns to adapt to your local demographic.

Every single local organization needs to implement advanced tracking solutions that utilize reliable analytics and reporting tools, so as to eliminate guesswork and human error from the process. Setting specific KPIs lets you customize your digital tools to monitor them consistently, spot issues, and rectify them in time. This will, in turn, help you cut unneeded advertising expenses, implement the most successful branded keywords and local information, and recognize top-performing channels where you reach the vast majority of your local audience.

Invest time and effort in guest-posting

Becoming a guest blogger means the world to brands that have yet to build their reputation one authoritative, credible post at a time. On one hand, you need to invite and encourage guest posting on your own brand’s site, but to gain more brand mentions outside the scope of your own website, you should aim to create guest contributions on relevant, accredited platforms in your industry. Dispersing your content in such a manner, subtly earning links and brand mentions from other bloggers and digital personas allows you the much-needed networking for your brand’s SEO.

This is a worthy effort that will lead to several SEO benefits:

  • Organic brand mentions on reputable, relevant sites signal Google and other search engines that you are trust-worthy.
  • This is another chance to add other industry-related keywords and internal links that will further boost your link portfolio.
  • Publishing on other sites means greater brand exposure for your brand and more brand mentions on social media via shares, as well, all of which will generate more traffic and more interest.

Collaborate with relevant influencers

Much like every single business thrives on their reputation, non-profits need influencers to make sure that their image doesn’t depend solely on touting their own horn, which typically isn’t the nature of any nonprofit to begin with. To get more visibility and improve your branded traffic, work with reputable influencers in your niche to get through to more potential clients.

That said, you should also utilize the many perks of various social media tools for tracking your influencer relationships, to measure the success of each branded post, and to make sure that you can manage your brand reputation and ensure quality SEO traffic back to your brand.

Growing an organization stems from a wide array of activities, including your SEO efforts. Since there’s only so much funding you can use up for such a purpose, it’s vital to recognize and allocate your time, budget, and creativity towards the most effective SEO strategies that will skyrocket your brand in the search results for your target audience. That means that these tactics serve not only to increase traffic, but also to boost the authority of your brand name and consequently your presence in the industry.

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